Whether you are looking to replace one employee for a day or to hire several hundred employees indefinitely, Dedicated Personnel has a proven track record for recruiting, tracking and managing payroll for as many or as few employees as you need.

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Why Choose Dedicated Personnel?

Interviewing & Screening

Dedicated Personnel, Inc. systematically interviews each associate for in-depth information about experience and attitude. Plus, our validated testing assures us of accurate information about skills and abilities. We compare the results with the information we gather about your business, needs and preferences. Our unique training keeps our associates up to date. All to assure you of getting a temporary who will be productive on the job.

Time is Money

  • Status calls within 30 minutes of placing an order
  • On-site to check-in all new employees
  • End of the shift quality control calls on new employees first day to ensure satisfaction
  • Weekly quality control calls for several weeks on new employees to ensure satisfaction
  • Quarterly survey calls to ensure quality control and satisfaction.

Quality Service – Guarantee

Dedicated Personnel, Inc. is committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. Our policy is to provide you with a better utilization of personnel through diligent attention to details and dedication, while offering you a wide range of talent, services, and benefits.

Our success is based on down in the trenches hard work. We go the extra mile! You must be satisfied or there will be no charge for our service.


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Services & Benefits

Testing, Training & Assessment

DPI offers training with state of the art technology — whether you want an employee to brush up on their present skills or learn new ones. It’s all part of our on going training program available to our employees. Our testing, training and assessment software allows us to analyze the range and depth of an applicant’s skills more thoroughly than ever before. Although there are too many tests to name, the following is an overview of the different titles available:

  • Industrial
  • Office/Professional
  • Accounting
  • Health Care
  • Call Centers
  • Legal
  • Microsoft Office
  • Software

Information Management System

Dedicated Personnel, Inc can retrieve information in minutes to help you manage your staff needs better. We keep detailed online records of the hours you’ve used to date, the skills you need the most, the names of associates you’ve used, the costs and more. We understand that our clients have special hiring procedures that they expect to be followed; drug test, background verifications, credit, test scores, etc. All of this information is easily accessible from the client records of our software. This information can be part of a useful management report for your review and strategic management planning.

Let Us Take Care of the Details

Dedicated Personnel, Inc. is in compliance with all Federal, State and local laws relating to employment. Our employees are covered by comprehensive general liability and workers compensation insurance. A certificate of insurance is available upon request. Our employees are paid by check each week; and we make all required payroll deductions. We prepare, file and maintain the employees W-2 form and I-9; and deduct Federal and State taxes.